Participación: elementos de la comunicación. La motivación.

Building Blocks of Communication
Motivation to communicate with each other. Maslow Pyramid.

  1. Helping the others.
  2. Feeling good with what I do.
  3. Pushing an exciting, worthwhile project.
  4. Joining people I feel great with.
  5. ‘Personal motivations’… of the others.
    • You and I happen to have two different points of view.
    • When I give you my ‘objective’ ARGUMENTS,
      I’ll remove your ignorance and
      I’m sure you will certainly agree.
    • If not, I’ll then give you ‘objective’ DATA
       and you will then agree, for sure.
    • If you still don’t…
      You’re not being reasonable,
      and you’re denying my ‘objective’ arguments and information!!!
      You must have a HIDDEN AGENDA!!!
    • 5.And we ALL think this way! 😳 :-DDD
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