Participación: elementos de la comunicación. Foco

Ability to focus — Attention span – 45-50 minutes

  1. 1.Why is it necessary? Increased involvement, creativity, listening, proposals, support, productivity…
  2. 2.In LESS THAN ONE HOUR, our attention decreases, however interested we may be.
    Our mind becomes less able to interact with others, the body needs a break (toilet, please :-D),
    we may start to get bored…
    And as a result it becomes more difficult to focus on the analysis or the project.
  3. 3.Attention, as any other resource, is something we can manage. If we know how.

How to manage attentiveness and keep it high

  1. Decreasing duration of meetings, and adding short breaks.
  2. Using tools that do not requiere too much attention or listening to a speaker, but movement and participation.
  3. Alternating deep subjects with lighter ones.
  4. Having meetings for just one important matter with tools that help keep the attention
    (more individual thinking, more participation, no debate or thinking mix…).
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