Participation: summary

Inteligence is the ability to adapt to change.

if I want a kind of communication that…

1 takes advantage of all the resources,

2 is caring and friendly,

    3 is productive,

    4 then…

    At the very least (al menos)

    1. I listen twice as much as I speak.

    2. I deal with decisions separate from the processes.

    3. I use a variety of techniques (and not just assembly-debate-vote).

    4. I take little steps and test, instead of implementing big, final policies.

    And, of course, ALWAYS IN SMALL GROUPS.
    Otherwise, suicide for you or not useful for your goals.

    1. Until three-four people.
    2. Five people means that one of them needs to feed his-her ego (says the statistic).
      So, most of your resources will be allocated to managing that person, ego or decentering.
    3. Five people means that one of them is focusing in logistics and technichal issues.
    4. So, try to be three, maximum four people in your group, if you want to be friendly and efficient. If you are more than that, then objetives are different: ego, seeming that we are working, leaving our consciences clear because we have done everything possible (even if nothing comes of it), etc.,
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